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Newsletter Spring 2013 The Spring 2013 newsletter is available to download here

No 77, Summer 2012: Exam fiasco ; Establishment’s destruction of geography exposed (Click HERE to open as PDF)

No 73, Spring 2011: New chairman takes over; Primary science curriculum

No 72, Winter 2010: Start of the counter revolution?; Free speech in jeopardy (Click HERE to open as PDF)

No 71, Summer 2010: Wise reforms or more confusion?; Will 'free' schools take off? (Click HERE to open as PDF)

No 70, Spring 2010: How can this be social justice?; Fewer schools mean less choice. (Click HERE to open as PDF)

No 69, Winter 2009: Primary standards fall; And 'experts' let us down - again:

No 68, Summer 2009: A Desolation of Learning; Curriculum sinks and costs soar

No 67, Spring 2009: The twittering curriculum; Further education in chaos

No 66, Winter 2008: The end of geography; Stoking disruption

No 65, Summer 2008: No excuse for testing fiasco; In bad faith

No 64, Spring 2008: Destructive policies begin to bite; Academies: a model education?

No 63, Winter 2007: The Great Reading Disaster; Beware BSF

No 62, Summer 2007: The curriculum is corrupted; ...And the ideology is reinforced

No 61, Spring 2007: Policies are not all they seem; New call for more grammars

No 60, Winter 2006: Levelling down in Lincolnshire; Good primary practice?

No 59, Summer 2006: Education Bill crawls ahead; Ofsted is now just a political tool

No 58, Spring 2006: 2006 brings alarming news; But Rose Report offers some hope

No 57, Winter 2005: Wasted talent; White Paper too weak to work

No 56, Summer 2005: Hope over teaching of reading? Parental choice is undermined

No 55, Spring 2005: Adding to human misery; NLS fails 1.2m children

No 54, Winter 2004: Good schools still threatened; Tomlinson fails the test

No 53, Summer 2004: Per pupil costs soar; Confusion reigns

No 52, Spring 2004: Official: standards have fallen; Gloucester put on hold

No 51, Winter 2003: Attack on excellence in Gloucester; Fair play on admissions?

No 50, Summer 2003: Funding crisis: who is to blame? Majority supports vouchers

No 49, Spring 2003: Fundamental reforms proposed; Education budget abused

No 48, Winter 2002: Power to parents; Freedom of information?

No 47, Summer 2002: State education costs as much as private; Bureaucracy grows and grows

No 46, Spring 2002: Class war continues; ...And spreads

/Campaign for Real Education, August 2011


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